High Tide Coffee Blend


Evening Blend comprised of a regular and a decaf making this a perfect evening coffee.

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We call this the High Tide Coffee Blend. A proprietary blend of two origins, one being decaf thus half the caffeine.  This is a dark roast. The perfect cup going into the evening. You can still enjoy the delight of having your cup of coffee with half of the caffiene.

We roast the High Tide Coffee Blend right here in Beach Haven. As coffee roasters, we believe in following the process of enjoying the roast to the cup. This includes blending the right coffee combination to make a blend that you can enjoy.  As a local coffee roaster, it gives us great pride to select a quality coffee to roast. We are proud to showcase the nuances discovered during our roasting process. We are confident you will appreciate this unique coffee, taken to a dark roast.

This coffee ships whole bean unless selected otherwise. We can grind for you from drip to french press. If you need any brewing equipment or you would like to grind at home, We have grinders available. Enjoy this as a pour over, you can learn how to make a perfect pour over in our blog.

We love watching the high tide roll in as we savor each sip. Enjoying simple pleasures is what we are all about.

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