One of the easiest methods of brewing coffee. Personally, this is my favorite method of producing coffee with unmatched flavor.

The tools you will need: A French Press, a grinder, a hot water kettle, or just a method to boil water, a spoon, and your favorite mug.

Use a ratio of 26 grams of coffee (roughly 4 tablespoons) to 20 ounces of water, yielding a 16 oz cup of coffee. Coarse grind your coffee beans. on a burr grinder which I recommend for best results, select coarse grind option/french press option. This will yield a grind that looks and feels like large particles of sand. The grind is extremely important in a french press. If the grind is too fine it will taste too strong and harsh, if the grind is overly coarse it will taste weak and look light in the cup. This is why I recommend a burr grinder with settings however a blade grinder can be used successfully as long as you fine-tune youCoffee BouTEAquer manual grinding skills. Next, bring water to between 195-205 degrees, just under boiling point. Remove the french press lid/Press mechanism and place your grinds at the bottom of the french press. Add your hot water to the grinds. Begin timing for 4 minutes. Stir with a spoon to ensure all grinds are saturated. then place lip/press back on but leave the press knob all the way up. Once you hit 4 minutes begin slowly pressing the knob down thereby trapping the grinds on the bottom.

Pour into your favorite mug and sit back and enjoy the best-brewed coffee you can make.


The final verdict on this brewing method.

For me, this is my absolute favorite method of brewing coffee. The simple fact is most methods of brewing coffee offer limited water to coffee contact time. Conventional drips, pour-overs, chem-ex, etc can all produce excellent cups no doubt. I have enjoyed all those methods for years, however, the french press yields a flavor that can’t be achieved by the other methods and it really makes sense as to why.  The direct contact time between coffee and water is 4 minutes. Think about that.  Coffee is literally bathing in water for 4 minutes. That’s 4 minutes where flavor can develop through this extended contact time. It’s so simple but makes all the sense in the world as to why there is a marked difference in flavor profile in the cup between this and all other methods. I hope you all continue to enjoy the various innovative and fun ways of brewing coffee as much as I do. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. 


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